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Helping Texas Parents With Relocation Issues

What happens if one parent wishes to move away? The move could be for a job, to be closer to family or to follow a new adventure. Whatever the reason, relocating as a single parent can be tricky to navigate without experienced legal guidance.

Coldwell | Bowes, L.L.P., has years of experience helping families with relocation issues, either as the petitioning custodial parent or the parent seeking to deny the petition. In all cases involving minor children, we place the child’s interest at the heart of the matter and keep it as the top priority throughout the case.

Whether you are the one moving or the one seeking to prevent a move, call us at 512-472-2040 or contact us by email to schedule an appointment to discuss your options. We represent families with relocation concerns in Austin and throughout Central Texas.

If You Wish To Move

Moving with children can offer many new benefits for both you and them. However, you cannot simply pick up and leave. You must give your child’s other parent adequate notice. Otherwise, you could be held in contempt of your parenting plan, or even accused of kidnapping.

If you’re considering a move, our lawyers can guide you in seeking a modification of your parenting agreement. This includes gathering the appropriate documentation proving to the court why such a move benefits the children, which is the only standard it will use to approve a child relocation.

If You Wish To Prevent A Move

What if you’re on the other side of this equation? You still have rights to see and care for your children, even if their other parent wants to move away. Whatever you do, stick to your current parenting plan until a modification can be worked out. As with the parent moving, if you suddenly revoke access or visitation from the relocating parent, you could be held in contempt.

Our attorneys will help you respond to this situation appropriately, seeking creative solutions that preserve your children’s best interests. That could mean giving you more vacation time with your children or requiring regular video chats if they are moving further away. With technology and travel the way it is today, the possibilities are only limited by your family’s ability to flex to this change.

Obviously, if the move doesn’t preserve your children’s best interests, we will work tirelessly to prove this to the court and prevent the move. Talk with us to discuss your options.