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Experience Handling Psychological And Psychiatric Issues During Divorce

We have handled many divorce cases involving mental illness, and we know how to work out solutions that take into account the mental health needs of the parties involved. We work with independent professionals to determine how psychological issues may affect a parent’s child custody rights, in addition to property division and spousal maintenance that may be required for mental health treatment.

Whether arising from past trauma, substance abuse, medical issues or domestic violence, we know psychological and psychiatric issues significantly impact a family’s life before, during and following divorce. Our lawyers will put your family’s mental health needs and safety first when negotiating agreements. At the end of the day, our goal is to put you in a position to do the right thing for yourself and your family.

Why You Can Trust Our Services

We have built our reputation on providing exceptional client service. What does that mean? That means we will proactively keep you updated on your case’s progress. We will answer your questions and respond promptly to any further inquiries as the case progresses.

It also means we will not pursue a legal strategy that jeopardizes your safety or that of your children. Throughout the divorce process, your interests and well-being will be our highest priority.

Contact Our Firm For Compassionate Help

Psychological and psychiatric issues are difficult to overcome even in the best of times. If your divorce involves psychological or psychiatric issues, you have come to the right place. To discuss your concerns in a private, confidential consultation with one of our attorneys, call 512-472-2040 or submit our online contact form. Someone from our office will respond promptly.