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Knowledge, Experience, Integrity And Dedication

Of the many Austin law firms practicing in the area of divorce and family law, you need one that respects the difficult choices you are making and understands the complex nature of your unique situation. You need an attorney who is willing to listen to you and who has the experience and the skills to guide you through the transition and help achieve your goals.

At Coldwell | Bowes, L.L.P., we strive to emulate the values outlined above in every family law case we handle. We take a professional legal approach backed by the individualized care your family not only needs, but deserves.

Furthermore, family law is all we do and have done. For more than a decade, we have counseled and represented families in Austin and throughout Central Texas in a variety of family law matters. We know the state court system in counties throughout the Greater Austin area and Central Texas, and we have the experience and skills to handle your case in the professional, conscientious manner that it requires.

As a result, we have built our reputation on the following principles:

  • We provide exceptional client service, beginning with responsive communication and clear expectations.
  • We practice with integrity and work hard to protect your family’s future throughout your case.
  • We will not pursue a strategy that does not consider your children’s best interests as the highest priority.

Our Philosophy Puts Your Family’s Needs First

Even the most amicable divorces include disputes that are not easily resolved. We will work hard to represent your interests and protect your rights throughout the process. We will also be honest with you when your personal needs and immediate frustrations begin to take a higher priority than the welfare of your children and your long-term family interests.

Serving Clients In The Greater Austin Area And Throughout Central Texas

Though we serve clients throughout Central Texas, our office is just one block south of the Texas State Capitol building in downtown Austin. We schedule appointments between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays only.

To schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, call 512-472-2040 or use our convenient email contact form. We accept all major credit cards for your convenience.