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Skilled Guidance Through Difficult Decisions.

Our Philosophy Puts Your Family’s Needs First

With over 80 years of combined legal experience, we at Coldwell Bowes, L.L.P., are dedicated to providing you with the compassionate advice and services necessary to equip you to make those difficult decisions. We do everything in our power to provide the most optimal outcomes for our clients, their reputations, and family.

Even the most amicable divorces include disputes that are not easily resolved. We work hard to represent your interests and protect your rights throughout the process. We are honest with you, letting you know when your personal needs and immediate frustrations begin to take a higher priority than the welfare of your children and your long-term family interests.

Hear From Our Previous Clients

“Going through the most difficult time of my life, I had the tremendous good fortune of being represented by Micah Royer. Micah invested himself in my case, my situation, and my life. His integrity, expertise, and compassion eased the stress and brought clarity where I had none. Through his efforts, I was able to get through the proceedings and begin the healing process much more smoothly and with confidence that the future was full of hope.”

David f.

“There is no way to put into words how wonderful my experience was with Micah and Kim. Divorce was the most difficult life experience I’ve ever had to navigate. The thoughtful and caring guidance I received helped me maintain my sanity throughout the process. My case was settled efficiently and ethically. They say only lawyers win in court, but everyone involved knows I won this one.”

Kelly C.

“After dealing with several attorneys through a painful divorce, Attorney Micah Royer at Coldwell Bowes did an amazing job representing, advising, and supporting me after my ex-wife filed a lawsuit against me. His calm and steady presence very successfully steered me through depositions, appearances before the court, mediation, and arbitration over a thirteen-month period, and because of his hard work, I have more time with my kids. I'm beyond thankful to Micah and his team, and would highly recommend him and his firm.”

Terry Z.

Respected & Recognized

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve accumulated a number of awards and accolades for our firm’s history of delivering exceptional results for our clients.