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What Visitation Rights Do Grandparents Have?

The word “family” means different things to different people. In family law, it often refers to the nuclear family unit — parents and children. At Coldwell | Bowes, L.L.P., though, we know that family extends far beyond that narrow boundary. We have an exceptional record of helping grandparents and other family members protect relationships with the children in their lives when those relationships are threatened by divorce or other serious issues.

Your Grandchild’s Welfare Is Our Top Priority — Always

We are keenly aware of the importance grandparents and other extended family members play in children’s lives. However, Texas family laws contain limited provisions when it comes to enforcing access, visitation and custody for grandparents and other relatives. If parents are considered sound and fit, the court generally leaves grandparent visitation up to them.

That does not mean there isn’t any hope, however. Our attorneys can help you with negotiations with parents to preserve visitation rights following divorce or separation. We also regularly handle cases in which temporary guardianship or permanent custody by grandparents is warranted due to substance abuse, incarceration or mental health problems.

As with all child-related matters, we always pursue strategies that put the children’s best interests first.

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