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Personalized Divorce Services In Central Texas

At Coldwell | Bowes, L.L.P., we understand that an equitable divorce agreement requires an in-depth understanding of the needs and concerns of the unique personalities involved. We know that successfully negotiating a divorce requires careful attention to detail and a thorough understanding of our clients’ situation and goals.

Our attorneys call on more than 20 combined years of experience with a wide range of divorce cases in courts in Austin and throughout the Central Texas area. We will work hard to make sure you remain in control of your options, while we protect your family’s future.

Call us at 512-472-2040 or contact us by email to arrange an initial consultation with one of our experienced family law attorneys today.

Experienced Help In All Aspects Of Marital Dissolution

We are ready to provide experienced legal counsel in every area of your divorce, including:

  • Identifying and separating marital property
  • Dividing businesses or professional practices
  • Establishing parenting time and other issues involving children
  • Litigating prenuptial agreements
  • Distinguishing marital and separate debt
  • Handling issues unique to those with significant assets

We invite you to learn more about our approach handling unique divorce issues, including:

Powerful Litigators With In-Depth Knowledge Of The Collaborative Process

We believe that preparing a case to win at trial is the only way to protect your rights when negotiating a settlement. First and foremost, we are proud of our record as effective and successful trial lawyers.

But we also understand the importance of tempering our strategies through a collaborative divorce process, when circumstances allow. Texas family law courts require divorcing parties to seek a resolution through mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our firm offers experienced mediators and will work hard to contain costs and restrain emotions through a collaborative process.

Visit Our Office In Downtown Austin

We are happy to meet with you in our office in downtown Austin, which is just one block south of the Texas State Capitol. Appointments may be scheduled from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.