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Is Alcohol Or Drug Use A Factor In Your Divorce?

Our attorneys have extensive experience working with clients in divorce and family law matters involving substance abuse in Travis County, Williamson County and Hays County. These cases require a special understanding of child welfare and how social services play a role in reaching a resolution.

We have years of experience helping people with and those affected by drug and alcohol issues through the divorce and custody process. We work diligently to put you in the best possible position to do the right thing for your family.

Experienced Help For Substance Abuse Issues During Divorce

The presence of substance abuse has the potential to derail divorce and especially custody decisions, but it does not have to. In many cases, divorce is a wake-up call for someone to start the long journey toward sobriety. We are sensitive to this and seek creative solutions that promote wholistic healing for the entire family. It might not happen right away, but perhaps we can use this opportunity to chart a path forward.

In other cases, substance abuse may be a persistent problem or pose a real threat to your safety or that of your children. In such situations, we are staunch advocates for you, making your family’s needs and safety our top priority. That often means taking matters to court, where our experienced divorce litigators will work hard to obtain the best possible outcome.

We Will Stand By You

We know how difficult these situations can be, but our law firm isn’t afraid to take them on. We do not shy away from divorce and substance abuse issues and do our utmost to put your family in a better position to move forward. Contact us by calling 512-472-2040 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers today.