Forensic Accountants: Unseen Heroes in High Net Worth Divorces


Navigating a high net worth divorce presents unique challenges, particularly when substantial business assets are involved. One less-known yet crucial ally in these complex cases is the forensic accountant. In this post, we'll explore the role of forensic accountants in high net worth divorces, as explained by seasoned Texas divorce attorneys.

What Does a Forensic Accountant Do?

Forensic accountants specialize in investigating and analyzing financial complexities in legal disputes. In high net worth divorces, they can identify, value, and divide marital assets, including intricate business holdings.  Forensic accountants are also used to assist in tracing separate property claims and various reimbursement claims under the Texas Family Code.


Why Are Forensic Accountants Crucial in High Net Worth Divorces?

  • Uncover Hidden Assets: Forensic accountants can unearth assets one spouse may have concealed, ensuring a fair division.
  • Business Valuation: They conduct a comprehensive valuation of business assets, considering factors such as future earnings and market position.
  • Tracing of Separate Property Claims:  They assist in tracing back the separate estate of a client and addressing reimbursement claims to the various estates of the parties, whether individual estates or the community estate.  
  • Lifestyle Analysis: Forensic accountants can assess the couple's lifestyle to calculate accurate spousal maintenance, or child support, and can also assist in piecing together the community estate to assist with claims for appropriate divisions of the marital estate considering various factors under the Texas Family Code.

Collaborating with Divorce Attorneys

In high asset divorce cases, the forensic accountant and divorce attorney work together. The accountant provides the financial expertise, while the attorney applies it within the legal framework, ensuring a  just and right division of the martial estate. .

The Advantage of Working with Coldwell Bowes

  • Experienced divorce attorneys with a network of skilled forensic accountants
  • Proficiency in handling high net worth divorces involving complex business assets
  • Committed to achieving favorable outcomes for clients
  • Comprehensive understanding of financial intricacies related to divorce

In a high net worth divorce, enlisting a forensic accountant alongside your Texas divorce lawyer is vital for protecting your financial interests, particularly if business assets are involved. The experienced attorneys at Coldwell Bowes understand the value of this partnership and are ready to guide you through your divorce with expertise and care. Contact us today for a confidential consultation and secure your financial future.

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