Can divorce cause PTSD symptoms?

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Every Texas married couple has a unique relationship that may or may not be similar in circumstances to another pair of spouses. If you’re one of many spouses who have filed for divorce this year, you may have already encountered challenges in adapting to a new lifestyle. If your relationship with your ex is contentious, moving on in life in a productive and healthy manner might be easier said than done.  

In fact, your divorce could be causing severe mental and emotional distress, which may, in turn, have implications on your physical health, your finances, and other aspects of your life. Have you started feeling ill since you made the decision to end your relationship? Are you keeping to yourself and not wanting to leave the house or experiencing trouble sleeping or eating? Some people say they feel like they have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after divorce.  

What constitutes PTSD? 

Most clinical psychologists agree that PTSD typically involves violence or a life-threatening experience. The situation causing PTSD does not have had to have happened directly to you. You may have witnessed something that causes you to suffer from this condition.  

If you experience an adverse situation in life, such as losing your job or developing a chronic illness, etc., it can severely affect your ability to function. However, the consensus among psychologists is that such events do not usually cause PTSD. You might experience similar symptoms, though, to someone who has been diagnosed with the condition.  

Is your divorce causing PTSD-like symptoms? 

Divorce is never easy, especially if you have children. The stress of it all can have a negative impact on your mental, emotional and physical health. Perhaps you’ve been avoiding people and places that remind you of your spouse. Maybe you’re having bad dreams about the break-up of your marriage or are suffering from insomnia because you start to think about things as soon as your head hits the pillow at night.  

Do you feel frightened for no apparent reason? Have you suffered anxiety attacks? All of these issues are similar to symptoms people experience when they have PTSD. While you may not have received a clinical diagnosis of this condition, it doesn’t make it any easier to cope when such symptoms arise. This type of stress can impede your ability to function on a daily basis.  

Never hesitate to reach out for additional support 

There’s no way to file for divorce without having it disrupt your life, particularly if you have kids. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone to devise a settlement plan and lay the

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