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Should you add an infidelity clause to a prenup?


When you find the love of your life and are considering marriage, it can be a time of great excitement tinged with a bit of anxiety. ...

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Is your ex hiding assets in a divorce?


As you prepare to move on in life without your spouse, you have a right to protect your financial interests in court. Especially ...

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Is your ex causing child custody trouble?


There’s no way to predict which marriages will end in divorce. Whether you and your spouse experienced a steady decline before you ...

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When should I consider a child custody modification?


As a parent, your child always comes first, which is why you put so much time, energy, and effort into creating a child custody agreement...

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Is signing a prenup a good idea?


When you met the love of your life, you may have felt like your dreams were finally coming true. As you grew closer and began ...

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Virtual visitation and other child custody issues


As a Texas parent who recently filed for divorce, you no doubt have a thousand thoughts running through your mind concerning your ...

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